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Soul Search

The quest for love has been around as long as humans have. People used to meet either by happenstance or through the help of a middle person, like a matchmaker, who brought them together. The internet has broadened the capacity to search for a mate with online dating options. Matchmaking and internet dating can both offer excellent opportunities to meet and connect with potential partners. They also differ quite a lot in their approaches and outcomes – rather than leaving your love fate up to algorithms, putting it in the hands of a qualified professional matchmaker brings all kinds of advantages.

Swipe Right?

The world of digital dating brings many advantages to those who use it. It instantly offers you a wide variety of options, it introduces you to potentials you wouldn’t otherwise cross paths with, and it’s easily accessible to anyone with internet access. However, it’s also vulnerable to decisions you make in an instant – did you accidentally just reject your future potential soul mate? Then, there are the notorious issues of authenticity, transparency, and downright safety involved in those online dating platforms. It’s also time-consuming to endlessly scroll through pictures of faces searching for “the one”. Plus, the sheer volume of profiles to review can quickly become overwhelming, and it’s not easy to discern what people are actually looking for by decoding the words in their profiles.

Matchmaking is Better

When you take the leap into elite matchmaking, you’re entering a completely different dating experience. You benefit from the human touch, as our private matchmaking service guides you to connections only after developing a deep understanding of who you are and what you’re looking for. We also carefully screen and vet potential matches to ensure compatibility, saving you time and eliminating any dating fatigue. We don’t believe that dating is “a numbers game” and that you have to try out a lot of different people to get to what you want. Instead, we believe your time and energy are valuable, and through our executive matchmaking and executive dating service we only present our clients with pre-screened, compatible partners with shared relationship goals.

Hire a Professional Matchmaker to help you find Love!

Our matchmaking team has the full spectrum of knowledge, skills, experience, commitment, care, and intuition to genuinely help you find your ideal match.

At Soul Search, a luxury matchmaking service, we understand that each individual is unique and that finding your special person isn’t always so easy, especially when you’re busy working and living a full life. We invite you to leave all that extra work to us.

Hire a Professional Matchmaker to help you find Love!

A Select Few

A Select Few

When it comes to their love lives and cultivating long-term romantic partnerships, people need to be quite particular. We take that particularness to the next level by making sure matches that don’t offer great compatibility don’t even cross your path. We won’t send you on endless and meaningless dates that waste your time, energy, and money. Our team is highly committed to discerning compatibility, and we use our specialized combination of skills, resources, and intuition to ensure you’re introduced only to matches with optimal compatibility. You can trust that every match we present to you has been thoughtfully and thoroughly selected and screened. Once we bring you a connection, you can relax and rest assured that you will enjoy each other’s company, at minimum. What happens next is up to you!

You’re Not Alone

Remember when you were younger and your friends were single too, and you were all going through the dating game together? You leaned on each other to navigate the confusion and complexities of spending time with another person on an intimate level. Then, somewhere along the way, that support system got busy – with the spouses and kids their paths brought them. Now, you’re older, dating isn’t novel or new, it brings its own share of challenges, and it isn’t always easy or fun.

As your matchmakers, we are here for you! We’ll walk through the challenges with you and celebrate your butterflies with you. We’ll bring the ease and fun back into dating for you. We’ll help you develop your dating skills and give you valuable insights for successfully navigating the world of dating. You’re not alone on your dating journey any longer. We’re right here beside you, every step of the way.

About Us

Our Mission
To spark joy, love, and a soul connection between each client and their ideal match
Our Core Values & Behaviors
Faith ~ Keep God at the center of our business to best serve every client
Integrity ~ Operate with honesty and accountability in everything we do
Passion ~ Lead with love...for our clients, for the work we do, and for making a positive impact in people's lives
Quality ~ Focus not only on the big things but also on the small things because all of it matters
Fun ~ Sprinkle humor and light in our interactions with others and enjoy the journey

Meet the Founder

Hi! Welcome to Soul Search. My name is Sonia Neameyer, Chief Matchmaker and Dating Coach. I want to share with you about my journey and my passion for this business. I've done a lot of great things in my career, and I've been successful in each one. When I'd try something new, I'd choose what it would be then I'd be on a one-way track to make it successful. What I've always wanted more than anything in my career though is to absolutely LOVE it. I've loved parts of my previous careers, but it always felt like each of them was missing the most important part: my passion for it. Looking back, I've noticed the common thread through them all is me not inviting God into my decision-making process. As a result, I've missed the mark each time. The powerful quote “Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure” has been on my mind since the time I first heard it a few years ago, and I’m now wholeheartedly committed to having both in my career.
Why am I launching Soul Search? Because I'm letting God lead this time, it's been in my heart for 5 years, and I feel really passionate about bringing couples together. Is there anything more important in this life than love? I don't think so :) I've been successful with recruiting for business, I ran my own firm for over a decade, and I was great at making matches for, I want to use this experience to make great matches for love.

For me to be the best matchmaker for my clients, I feel it's very important to sit in the client's seat and directly experience what it feels like to be a client. So, that's what I did before I officially launched Soul Search. I imagine, like most first-time matchmaking clients, I didn't know what I didn't know, and I chose a matchmaking company which appeared online to be a good one in my location. I was really optimistic going in, thinking I'd maybe be one of their next success stories and at the very least I'd gain insight into all the great things I can do as a matchmaker... wrong. It was a profoundly disappointing experience for me, and I gained insight into all the things NOT to do – things I wish I’d known before that I didn’t learn until after. This experience fueled my fire even more, to serve my clients in the right way. I'm committed to truly partnering with my clients and helping them reach their goals. If you'd like to connect and to learn more about what it would look like for us to work together, please reach out to me anytime. I'd love to hear from you:)

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